Energiekontor performed repowering at Debstedt wind farm in Germany

Energiekontor performed repowering at Debstedt wind farm in Germany

Along with its supplier Gamesa, a Spanish wind power company, Energiekontor executed this year a plan to repowering Debstedt wind farm, located in Lower Saxony near Bremerhaven, north-west Germany.

What is repowering?

Repowering involves replacing fully or partly items like boilers, turbines and generators to improve output and efficiency, bringing down emissions and reducing operating costs.

Debstedt wind farm needed to repower its installations in order to revamp power generation capacity. In this case, this wind farm was equipped with three G128-4.5 MW turbines, which will produce more energy using half as many turbines.

By installing these three turbines with a total capacity of 13.5 MW, Energiekontor improved the capacity and efficiency of the Debstedt wind farm. In operation since 1998, Debstedt wind farm was equipped with 11 pieces of 1 MW capacity turbines. Today, it has been upgraded with new technology: eight of the old turbines were replaced by three new 4.5 MW turbines. As a result, the annual wind farm output will double.

“For Energiekontor’s repowering strategy it was essential to use a state-of-the-art technology to install the maximum power into a plot with the lowest impact on the environment. A reduction from 8 to 3 turbines was only possible with a Multi-MW-WTG like the G128-4.5 MW”, adds Torben Moeller, member of the management board of Energiekontor AG.

Throughout this repowering process, turbines with RBE – Rotor Blade Extension – Bonus 1.0MW were also installed.

Renewable energies are attracting greater attention as the world grapples with ways to prevent global warming and ensure stable energy supplies. In this regard, Energiekontor also implemented a photovoltaic energy system with a result of 1.46 MWp capacity after Debstedt repowering.

If you would like to install the Rotor Blade Extension on your wind farm to improve energy output, consider Energiekontor’s Rotor Blade Extension. Contact us for more information.

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