Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that occurs annually on 15 June. It is a day for discovering wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to reshape our energy systems, decarbonise our economies and boost jobs and growth.

Today, wind energy is a mature and mainstream technology and one of the fastest growing industrial sectors in the world.

Global Wind Day is a coordinated action between WindEurope and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the national associations to introduce the general public to wind energy through a series of activities.

Energiekontor, the renewable energy company behind the Rotor Blade Extension – RBE, has a clear vision of the future: “a world in which all energy needs are met 100 percent from renewable energy.”

With 30 years of experience, Energiekontor is continuously working on innovation and developing new solutions, with maximum efficiency, in order to achieve harmonious and conciliatory interaction with the environment, landscape, fauna and flora, integrating a complete concept of Clean Energy.

Technical innovations, such as Rotor Blade Extension – RBE, are part of the strategy to improve and optimize the performance and yields of wind farms.

How Rotor Blade Extension project was born?

To improve the energy production at its own wind farms, Energiekontor requested fk-wind, from the Hochschule Bremerhaven (Germany), to study possible solutions for this problem. The conclusion was that wind turbines have to be improved or repowered. Repowering was not an economic solution and some wind farms even cannot be repowered due to a denied building authority approval.

In 2009, fk-wind presented a solution for increasing the rotor diameter with an extension of the blade, and that was clearly recognized to be the best compromise for an effective realization –  RBE – Rotor Blade Extension.

RBE is an innovative modification product, currently available on the market, that increases wind turbine efficiency and provides AEP increase. Therefore, Energiekontor has applied this technology in wind farms in Germany and Portugal.

If you would like to improve the energy production of your wind farm using a cost efficient solution, consider the Rotor Blade Extension of Energiekontor.

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