Technical details: Machine and Blade Surveys

Technical details: Machine and Blade Surveys

RBE – Rotor Blade Extension is a product currently available on the market that increases wind turbine efficiency.

This system was developed by Energiekontor, in partnership with fk-wind (Institute for Wind Energy at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven), and is the leading method to increase the income obtained from wind farms that are in their exploration phase and have not had their expected production throughout their life.

In order to develop this technology, several partnerships have been established between EnergieKontor and other companies. For information about our partners, please see: Partnerships and collaborations.

Tests performed What was done?
  • Load measurements on blade’s roots and main shaft, according IEC 61400-13;
  • Gear box and main bearing analysis;
  • Natural frequency of the blade measurement;
  • Distance from the modified tip blade to the tower.


Technical Surveys of Prototypes

Currently, the following prototypes are installed in our wind farms:

  • RBE Bonus 1.0MW
  • RBE Bonus 1.3MW


3 years after installation, a technical survey was carried out by independent auditors.

The RBE Bonus 1.3 installation was successfully completed in 3 wind farms in Portugal, located in Serra do Marão (Seixinhos and Penedo Ruivo Wind Farm) and Serra de Montemuro (Lameira Wind Farm).

The installed power amounted to a total of 26wtg BONUS 1.3 turbines, including:

  • 8 WTG at Seixinhos Wind Farm;
  • 10 WTG at the Penedo Ruivo Wind Farm;
  • 8 WTG at Lameira Wind Farm.
Scope of Surveys:

 Endoscopic inspection of gear box;

 Vibration analysis of complete drive train;

‒ Visual check of main bearing;

 Rotor blade and machinery visual check;

‒ Multiple WTG minor componentes.

Report Conclusions:
  1. Normal and no unusual wear on all inspected componentes;
  2. Low additional maintenance.


The extensions installed by EnergieKontor in German and Portuguese wind farms have yielded good results, contributing to ramped-up output.

If you would like to improve your wind farm output with a cost-effective solution, consider Energiekontor’s Rotor Blade Extension.

Contact us for more information.

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