How to increase production at a wind farm – Rotor Blade Extension

How to increase production at a wind farm – Rotor Blade Extension

In collaboration with Hochschule Bremerhaven in Germany, Energiekontor developed a new product that allows the length increase of rotor blades for turbines types Bonus 1.0 and Bonus 1.3 – RBE – Rotor Blade Extension.

Energiekontor analyzed the production on own wind farms equipped with wind turbines type Bonus 1.0 and Bonus 1.3, and realize that some of them didn’t have the expected production.

The challenge was: how to improve the energy production on those wind farms using a cost efficient solution?

Energiekontor, request the fk-wind, from the Hochschule Bremerhaven (Germany), to study possible solutions for this problem. The conclusion was that wind turbines have to be improved or repowered. Repowering was not an economic solution and some wind farms even cannot be repowered due to a denied building authority approval.

In 2009, fk-wind, from the Hochschule Bremerhaven, presented, to Energiekontor, a solution for increasing the rotor diameter with an extension of the blade, and that was clearly recognized to be the best compromise for an effective realization.

Using Rotor Blade Extension it is possible to increase a wind farm production, without replacing the rotor blades or the turbines. By that we have a minimum environmental impact and at the same time all the existing infrastructure can be used.

This Rotor Blade Extension is installed on hanging blade, fixed to the original blade tip. So the installation time is very reduced allowing short down times periods.

The main advantages of Rotor Blade Extension are:

  • Production increase;
  • 3 years payback period;
  • Patented by Energiekontor;
  • Certified by DEWI-OCC GmbH;
  • Installation on hanging blade;
  • Short down time period during installation.

Energiekontor is continuously working on innovation and developing new solutions, with the maximum efficiency, in order to achieve harmonious and conciliatory interaction with environment, landscape, fauna and flora, integrating a complete concept of Clean Energy.

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