Advantages of Rotor Blade Extension Installation

Advantages of Rotor Blade Extension Installation

In this article will be presented the main advantages of the  RBE – Rotor Blade Extension, which is a proven product which enables the increase of performance obtained from wind turbines, and thus its energy production.

This system was developed by Energiekontor, in partnership with fk-wind (Institute for Wind Energy at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven), and is the best way to increase the income obtained from wind farms which are in their exploration phase and haven’t had their expected production throughout their life.

The RBE presents many advantages, including the possibility to increase the wind farm’s Annual Energy Production, without replacing the rotor blades or the wind turbines, thanks to the way the installation is carried out: on-site and on a hanging blade. Thus, the installation phase is greatly reduced, allowing short downtime periods.

Given that this kind of installation uses existing infrastructures, the environment and the surrounding area suffer much less impacts, when comparing with the complete overhaul of new turbines.

In summary, the main advantages of the Rotor Blade Extension are the following:

If you would like to improve the energy production of your wind farm using a cost efficient solution, consider the Rotor Blade Extension of Energiekontor.

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