Guidelines to the certification and licensing processes prior to installing the RBE

Guidelines to the certification and licensing processes prior to installing the RBE

RBE – Rotor Blade Extension development follows a standardized procedure of engineering research along with certified and experienced manufacturers and installation companies. A quality process is established for complete development, including the certification from a recognized entity in Europe.

The RBE is a product that optimises the efficiency of wind turbines, which consists of an additional blade tip segment, fixed at the rotor blade tip. The installation process is complex and has to be monitored in all its steps, through serviced measuring equipment.

Certification of the Rotor Blade Extension

The RBE installation is certified by DEWI-OCC GmbH which follows up the entire project, from the design process until the end of the monitoring phase.

Combining technical expertise with many years of in-depth industry experience, DEWI-OCC (a UL company) offers global wind energy certification services to turbine / component manufacturers and other companies within the sector.

Rotor Blade Extension Licensing process

To be installed in an operating wind farm, the RBE has to go through a licensing process, which depends on the legislation in force in each country. According to our experience, the licensing process takes an average of 6 months in countries like Portugal, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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