Can Drivetrain and Generator be affected by the RBE installation?

Can Drivetrain and Generator be affected by the RBE installation?

RBE – Rotor Blade Extension is a proven product which consists of an additional blade tip segment fixed at the rotor blade tip that optimizes wind turbine efficiency. Compared with a repowering wind farm project, the Rotor Blade Extension technology adopts a more economic and ecological approach to improving energy generation.

Besides increasing wind turbine efficiency, the RBE project has many other advantages. Some questions about installation of rotor blade extensions have been raised, such as whether the installation of the RBE affects the main components of the control and the proper functioning of the wind tower, putting the safety and the tower operation at risk.

Considering that the wind turbine generator (WTG) is built to withstand a certain load and a certain functional behaviour, it is necessary to examine its potential effects where modifications occur. With regard to the RBE, the extra loads of the extensions placed on the wind turbine blades are all within the parameters defined for its classification according to the International Electrotechnical Commission.

EnergieKontor, the company responsible for the RBE project, has conducted some studies, inspections and monitoring reports, which proved that the drivetrain and generator operations are not significantly affected by the RBE.

The authorities responsible for these specific reports concluded that the monitoring system was applied to the turbine with a RBE system in such a way that it may be replicated to any other turbine with the same characteristics. Quoting the final report from this monitoring endeavour, performed by INEGI, a renowned research institute from Portugal, “The registered mechanical deformations by the monitoring system were always very low, very far from the values permitted by the applied materials”.

Since the cut-out wind speed is restricted, the drivetrain and generator are not subjected to any load increase. The rated power output remains the same.

If you have any doubts about how to install a RBE in your wind farm to increase its productivity, feel free to email us to or call us, and talk directly with us for more information.

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