RBE at Wind Energy Hamburg

RBE at Wind Energy Hamburg

Energiekontor’s Rotor Blade Extension has been at multiple international Wind Power Events, conferences and fairs, including EWEA 2014 Barcelona, WindEnergy Hamburg 2014, Wind Operator Congress Europe 2015, HUSUM Wind Congress 2015, EWEA Paris 2015, and the 7th Annual Wind Energy Operations & Maintenance Forum Europe.

At EWEA Paris 2015, Energiekontor was present only as a visitor, but the event was extremely important because our team met potential clients extremely interested in acquiring rotor blade extensions for their wind farms, with the intention of increasing Annual Energy Production (AEP).

In 2016 Energiekontor’s Rotor Blade Extension was present, once again at the Wind Energy Hamburg, between the 27th and 30th September 2016, in Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg is a thriving business metropolis and a major hub for the international wind energy sector. With the European wind industry capital as its venue, WindEnergy Hamburg provided the perfect setting for wind companies to unveil their products and services as well as their innovations. This global trade fair for wind energy took place on the grounds of the Hamburg Messe exhibition centre after the world’s leading trade fair for the maritime industry has finished.

It was the second time that Energiekontor was present in this event. In September 2014, EnergieKontor presented its services and products, including RBE – Rotor Blade Extension. RBE is now a product fully developed and tested, which consists of an additional blade tip segment, fixed at the blade tip of the rotor. RBE increases wind turbine efficiency and, for that reason, it has captured the interest of wind farm owners and operators. Our team considers that these events are a great opportunity to meet interesting people, partners and potential clients.

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and WindEnergy Hamburg have teamed up to create a unique global gathering for wind energy, combining the world’s leading trade fair and the largest conference in the industry. EWEA is the voice of the wind industry, actively promoting wind power in Europe and worldwide. EWEA analyses, formulates and establishes policy positions for the wind industry.

This partnership was very important for the event because it provided a comprehensive overview of the current status and future prospects of the sector. When asked about the importance of this event, Senior Project Developer Carlos Badano, from the Asociación Argentina de Energía Eólica, said: “This is the most important exhibition worldwide for the wind industry.”

WindEnergy Hamburg event featured a broad conference programme, unrivalled networking opportunities and an extensive exhibition.

If you or your company would like to meet the RBE team and understand how to improve productivity at a wind farm, please contact us or email us to energiekontor@rotorbladeextension.com.

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