RBE Partners

RBE Partners

The RBE is a product that increases wind turbine efficiency. Several partnerships have been formed between EnergieKontor and other companies to develop this technology.

The development phases for the Rotor Blade Extension are:

  • Project & Design
  • Certification
  • Production
  • Test Phase
  • Installation
  • Monitoring

– Design and Development Partners

Well-known German Engineering companies will be responsible for the project and design phase.

– Certification Partner

While undertaking the certification process, DEWI OCC will follow up the entire project and design process towards the end of the first year after the operation monitoring phase. The certification process will go through all RBE development phases.

– Production Partner

A certified manufacturer will be responsible for manufacturing the RBE, including the production of extensions and molds.

– Testing and evaluation campaign Partners

All tests and monitoring campaigns will be carried out by Fraunhofer IWES, a German partner, which will team up with INEGI – Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, from Portugal.

– Installation Partners

The installations were carried out with the cooperation of several installation companies.

– Quality Process and Consulting Partner

A well-known German company of prominent consultant experts will assist the entire installation process of the RBE in order to make sure that the quality is guaranteed.

– External Inspection Partner

During the prototype installation phase and after the installation in series of the RBE, a German company will supervise the work.

– Environmental consulting Partner

NOCTULA – Environmental Consultants will be the Portuguese company responsible for the environmental process, from the environmental licensing to the monitoring phase.

– Marketing Partner

NOCTULA Channel has helped the RBE with the digital marketing strategy.

If you would like to improve your wind farm output through a cost-effective solution, consider EnergieKontor’s Rotor Blade Extension.

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