Serial Installations of Rotor Blade Extension in Portugal – Penedo Ruivo Wind Farm

Serial Installations of Rotor Blade Extension in Portugal – Penedo Ruivo Wind Farm

After concluding the development of the RBE for Bonus 1.3MW in 2015, Energiekontor finally has a certified product. In the summer  of 2016 the company decided to start the first series installations in its own wind farms.

After being finished the stage of production, assembly and operation, and knowing the good results yielded by the prototype phase of RBE BONUS 1.3MW installed in Portugal, the company decided to start serial installations in their own wind farms. During this three phases, an extensive monitoring plan was carried out by INEGI – Institute of Science and  innovation in mechanical and industrial engineering (a recognized Portuguese research institute in wind farm assessment and monitoring activities), in order to confirm the theoretical performance values and operational effort obtained while applying the RBE to the turbine.

These monitoring tasks carried out by the INEGI evaluated the retrieval of the Annual Energy Production (AEP) before and after applying the RBE, in order to understand the difference of energy yield achieved by the turbine. The last report concluded that the turbine with the RBE is achieving an increased 7.2% of Annual Energy Production compared to the data obtained before applying the RBE. See our technical article about monitoring tasks performed after the application of the Rotor Blade Extension, for further details. So, after the whole process of the prototype stage and monitoring and evaluation tasks, Energiekontor now has a certified product ready to install.

The serial installation RBE Bonus 1.3 MW in Penedo Ruivo wind farm started in June 2016 and is already over. This wind farm is now fully equipped with RBE Bonus 1.3 with a total of 10WTG. The installation process ended in October 2016.

The installation process was monitored by Project Manager EK and involved several national and international installation teams. Overall, Energiekontor company installed 10 wind turbines in the Penedo Ruivo wind farm.

If you would like to know more about the Rotor Blade Extension and the installations at your wind farms, email us to or drop us a call, and talk directly with us for more information.

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