How to buy Rotor Blade Extension to improve wind turbine efficiency?

How to buy Rotor Blade Extension to improve wind turbine efficiency?

RBE – Rotor Blade Extension is a proven product which consists of an additional blade tip segment fixed at the rotor blade tip that optimizes wind turbine efficiency.

The increase in efficiency depends on the machine and the local conditions where the wind farm is set up. For the RBE type BONUS 1.0MW, the increase is 7%, which has been proven in our farms in Germany, whereas for the RBE type BONUS 1.3MW, the increase is 5/6%, in our farms in Portugal. The next prototypes will increase output by approximately 9%.

The RBE is commercialized as a final sale product to wind farm owners who want to increase Annual Energy Output. EnergieKontor and the RBE partners are responsible for the installation, assuring that the product is applied to the wind turbine tip properly.

We provide assistance during the licensing period and specify various maintenance requirements which should be followed in the future. According to our experience, the licensing process, which depends on the laws of a particular country, takes an average of 6 months in countries like Portugal, Germany and the United Kingdom.

If you would like to install the Rotor Blade Extension on your wind farm to improve energy output, consider Energiekontor’s Rotor Blade Extension. Contact us for more information.

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