How are Rotor Blade Extension Inspections performed?

How are Rotor Blade Extension Inspections performed?

The Rotor Blade Extensions installed at the Penedo Ruivo Wind Farm are inspected every month, as long as the weather conditions allow.

Under the toughest environments in Portugal, inspections at the Penedo Ruivo Wind Farm are aimed at checking whether the rotor blade extensions have been damaged by the strong vertical and horizontal winds, and also lightning strikes caused by storms.

All extensions are inspected in situ by fully skilled professionals from two different certified companies, who use rope access techniques. The tests are based on Visual, Videoscopy, Thermography and Tap Test techniques. One day and two technicians are required for access to the status of one turbine.

The general condition of the RBE – Rotor Blade Extension, installed on wind turbine generators in Portugal, can be categorized as “good”, which means that no damages have been found.

RBE is a proven product that increases wind turbine efficiency. The RBE for Bonus 1.3MW shows a proven AEP between 5% and 6%, which consists of an additional blade tip segment fixed at the rotor blade tip.

If you would like to improve your wind farm output through a cost-effective solution, consider Energiekontor’s Rotor Blade Extension. Contact us for more information.

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